The existence of songket dates back a few hundred years ago with its origin believed to have started in India. Only royalty such as sultans and kings traditionally wears it. Now, it is available for anyone to wear or use.

Songket is a hand-woven piece of brocaded (textured) fabric consisting of either cotton, polyester or silk as the base material with gold or silver threads making up its elaborate designs as the pattern decorating the songket in parts or in full.

Songket is available for both men and women. The various parts of a songket are as follows:
• Stanjak (Headgear)
• Long sleeved shirt
• Bengkung - Small band/piece worn around                     the waist
• Samping - Worn around the waist
• Pants
• Long sleeved blouse
• Selendang - Shawl
• Sarong - Worn around the waist as the                bottom portion of the dress

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